My Better Half

Dear Diary,

Have I mentioned lately how dreamy the BHE is? Look at him here, tossing back that coca-cola like he don't give a fuck.

And check out his tough-guy prison tattoo (why yes, it IS Elvis with batwings.)

Just wanted to show off my hunky husband. And embarrass him a little while I'm at it...

Love, Fluffy


Broady said...

He is def kickin' that "FUCK-the-Po-lice" vibe with that Coke.

Awesome picture ; )

Alison said...

As impressive as the pic is, gotta say that he also drives hands free is IMMM-pressive.......!!
One hand on the Coke, the other with elbow out the window.
No wonder you like him so much.
Cheers, Alison

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小小彬 said...

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