She Danced Onstage with Prince When She Was 2

Dear Diary,

I might lose some friends over this statement, but I heart Nicole Richie. She handled Diane Sawyer's inane (yet inflammatory) questions with grace and aplomb. Not one hint of defensiveness. I mean come on Diane, is it really your fucking business how much weight she has gained in her pregnancy? Perhaps she should have asked her about the state of her cervix? Granted, I have never been quite Nicole Richie thin, but in my early twenties I was way underweight, and nothing pissed me off more than people commenting on it. I don't go up to fat people and tell them to drop the donut.

So anyway, can we all back off Nicole Richie now? Yes, her baby daddy is unattractive. Yes, she's famous for no reason. But I really don't think she's as dumb as she seems, and she obviously has tremendous control over her temper. I would have ripped out Diane's jugular.

Love, Fluffy