Dear Diary,
This past weekend the BHE and I were much more social than usual. This means that we left the house MORE THAN ONCE, and not just to pick up more booze, coffee, and/or toilet paper. No, we actually socialized in public several times. There were bars, house guests, outside festivals, boutiques, rock clubs, and bloody mary brunches involved. I did so much arm-touching and ohitssooogoodtoseeyous that my face still hurts. This doesn't sound like a big deal, I know. But for the BHE and me this much activity in a weekend is rare, which has left me wondering just why that is. Because we used to be City B socialites-- Illuminati, if you will. (Ha, I flatter myself). But still. What changed?

- people except for us started having babies and/or moving
- at 32, I feel like life is over and I might as well be 40
- i got too fat for my Parisian night suit
- we got dogs
- we got a house where we can invite friends over and get drunk without having to drive home
- i'm a control freak
- i have a karaoke machine
- and a piano
- and a captian's hat for the BHE

But it was fun, and it reminded me that I am not ready yet to give up public socializing. Being "older and wiser"? That just means that instead of hoping for it, I am amused to get a compliment on my looks. And no matter what stupid outfit or accessory I decide to wear in public, and no matter how many bad jokes I make, I have the BHE to come home with me. (Romantic, no?) Seriously though, that's pretty cool.

Love, Fluffy


Heather said...
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Heather said...

now that i know ou have a karaoke machine, look OUT.

Broady said...

You do realize that catching your "socialite second wind" is one of the fastest ways to get knocked up. Careful!

Also, your house sounds like mine, without the piano, and an authentic, 8 lb Mexican sombrero instead of the captain's hat.

didi said...


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