I am the captain of this ship.

Dear Diary,

This weekend the BHE and I headed to Cape May, NJ for some serious victorian shenanigans. You will note that my photos turned out sepia. I think all the victorian charm just seeps into the air and makes it look that way. Anyway, here are some highlights:

nautical stripe shirt: Ann Taylor, $30
skirt with anchor on it: J. Crew clearance, $20
captain's hat: Cape May-Lewes Ferry gift shop, $6
completely mortifying the BHE by wearing this outfit: PRICELESS

There was a pretty terrifying storm on the ferry, so thank goodness I had a giant plastic cup of cheap chardonnay to calm my nerves...

The place where we stayed was just charming as hell and had no shortage of whimsy.

We went on the ghost tour. Because we are total dorks. But not as dorky as the woman who wore the "Philadelphia Paranormal Research Center" t-shirt on the tour and who kept saying she was sorry she hadn't brought any of her "equipment". This isn't her; this is the woman who ran the tour and her 10 year-old granddaughter, who was wearing inappropriately short shorts. But I didn't take a picture of them, because that would be also inappropriate.

The arcade on the boardwalk, just because.

And finally, me in the captain's hat again, because I really think it's a good look. I took this in the parking lot of the grocery store near our house, right before the BHE insisted that I take it off because "we actually have to see these people again."

Love, Fluffy


Mel said...

i dig it. you've got a whole captain and tennille vibe going.

Alison said...

He who wears the Capn's Hat in the family is the one in charge.......aye-aye, Cap'n Windover?

Does the "BHE" ever wear his at the same time?
Cheerio, Alison

Leslie said...

Did you also know that 9/19 was the official Talk Like a Pirate Day? You fit right in, matey.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Keep the hat! Love it!

Cake said...

OMG! You can totally pull that hat off! Glad you went for it!


Renee said...

Was that the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk? I'm a big fan of Rehoboth. I grew up in the DC suburbs and we either went there or to Ocean Shitty each summer. Last summer my mom took me & my family to Rehoboth for a week. I can't get enough of the Paratrooper ride.

Fluffy Windover said...

It's the Cape May, NJ boardwalk.
But OMG, I grew up in DC suburbs toooooooo!!!!!! We used to go to Cape May every summer until I got older, then we did the Ocean Shitty thing.

Renee said...

Holy cow, maybe we used to be BFF or took dance lessons together or something. I lived in Annandale, VA and went to WT Woodson High School from 1986-1990. I've never been to Cape May but we did ride the ferry over there when we were in Rehoboth last summer. It was very pretty and relaxing but I had my 4 young 'uns with me so that kinda ruined the solace. Did you happen to play that trivia video game in the little arcade? I kicked ass on the music trivia part.

Anonymous said...