Google THIS

Dear Diary,

Since I am a narcissist, I like to occasionally constantly look at who reads this and how they got there. The Google referrals are the best. Not only do these people put bizarre criteria into Google, but then my mess of a blog comes up and they actually click the link! Amazing. I am dying to meet some of these people, because I think we'd be fast friends. For example:

samantha ronson unattractive
This person should call me. We agree on this.

1234 I declare a thumb war
This is actually quite a common search. Call me; we'll start a league.

poopy paws
I believe I coined this phrase. Call me; we'll talk licensing fees.

which side of tin foil to use
Perhaps this person also has a mother-in-law who tried to school her on the right side? Call me; we'll start a support group.

"brain tumor" driving car
Another hypochondriac! Actually, we probably shouldn't be friends...

+panties +ripped +dress +embarrass
YOU TOO????? call me.

And perhaps best of all...

torturing your family
I'm glad that my blog came up on this search, and I hope this person got some good suggestions he/she can use to do just that...

Love, Fluffy


Kate said...

Fluffy, got your blog through Ashley and laughed reading this because I too, look at who reads and how they got there....I had someone find mine by googling large turd. However, I don't want them to call me because I'm not sure why on earth they would be googline large turd. Love your blog!

Rachel said...

I also got to your blog through Ashley...seems pretty boring compared to your Google search results. I'm going to have to read all the posts to find out how to torture my family. The Internet is so helpful...

There is a right side for foil?

Ashley said...

Did Rachel just call me boring??

That's some funny shit, Fluffy. Mine aren't that interesting, only "Homemade parrot costume" and "Yo Gabba Gabba".

Maybe I am boring ;-)

Leslie said...

I love this entry! So true, so very true.

Anonymous said...

B, Why isn't someone paying you to write this stuff? I laugh my ass off every time I read your blog.

Love, Sarah

Anonymous said...