Scarlett and Ashley, We are Not

Dear Diary,

This weekend the BHE and I are nerding up and heading to Gettysburg, PA. The BHE is a huge history buff dork, so he likes doing this kind of thing. However, when it comes his love of all things historical, he falls short in that he outright refuses to accompany me to the Civil War Ball that is happening this weekend. No no, he'd rather tour the battlefields from the private safety of our car than associate with those other dorks who actually dress up and pretend to shoot at each other (or in this case dress up and dance around, IN CHARACTER).

It's probably best; I can't really see myself in something like this.

And period dress is, of course, required. Hopefully we can at least snicker from the sidelines! But wait, I think we're going on a battlefield ghost tour that night... which is not dorky AT ALL.



Cindy said...

My boss used to have to accompany her husband and son on those battlefield reenactments, and they got her to dress up in one of those costumes. She said the hoopskirt in the porta potty was a real bitch.

I'm with husband: better from the sidelines in your own clothes. Have fun!

Mrs. STL Sarah said...

My husband has a co-worker that had a civil war wedding. During the reception a huge Confederate flag dropped down from the barn ceiling over the dance floor and everyone (except us) saluted. Yes, the reception was in a barn. You can't make this stuff up.

Grateful Girl said...

Fluffy... speaking of clothes, I just found this website that I think you have to check out:

Anonymous said...