A slow week.

Dear Diary,

Since I can think of absolutely nothing to say, here are some photos from my cell phone camera. I used to be really into photography, and had several different cameras going (including 3 Lomos, because I am sooooooooo hip). But somehow over the past few years I have become too lazy for the whole operation, too lazy even to charge the batteries on my digital. So recently the only photos I take are with my cell phone.

So is a slice of the Fluffy life, as seen through her cell phone camera.

This is our friends' new mini boston terrier puppy, Twiggy. After I took this picture I shoved her whole head into my mouth, she's THAT cute.

This is our Christmas tree. Good thing I got a picture, because soon after this the lights blew a fuse and that was that. Updating the electric in our house: ON THE LIST.

This was the scene from my office cube window when we got a rare early snowstorm here in City B.

Memories of a shot of tequila.

New shoes, new watch.

This is our cat, Old Man. Cranky little s.o.b., but devastatingly handsome. Don't you think?

This is my friend J's cat, sitting in whatever that baby thing is. Were I more clever, I might have submitted it to lolcats. But I'm sure it's been done to death (im in ur cradlz, eatin ur babyz?)

This is Bernice, our 55 pound lap dog.

Happy hour spread.

Sunset on top of the parking garage at my work.

So a friend of mine entrusted me with his plant when he left our place of employment. I promptly killed it. And it was a cactus.

Taken from the car: lights on the Washington Monument in City B. (Yes, we have one too.)

This is our friend Mr. Action, gesturing wildly at dinner. Incidentally, he is the same friend whose poor cactus I killed.

This sorry display reminds me that I really need to step up my photography efforts. Click click!