Radio Reverie

Dear Diary,

This morning on my commute I took a break from my usual diet of NPR to peruse the stations. Ahh, Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb. Reminds me of studying for trig in high school with my friend Mary Ann, most likely smoking something or other. A great song, to be sure: haunting, beautiful. But then that unfortunate guitar solo snaps me back to reality. Why ruin a good song with that sort of nonsense? I'll never understand it.

And then, then... INXS. Need You Tonight. I remember being 12 years old and hopelessly smitten with Michael Hutchence, wearing my mint green Forenza sweater (or perhaps it was my blue Benetton rugby shirt?) peroxided blonde hair with big bangs, driving in the car with my mother and listening to that song, and her saying something to the effect of, "Do I have to hear about this person sweating?" (For the record, she still bought me tickets to see them when I was 13. Good thing, too. I surely would have died if she hadn't let me go.)



Muffy Willowbrook said...


And of course, Benetton. Thank goodness your mom let you see him when she did, too. Otherwise....

Remember that video with the words written on those cards, and people would flip through them while he sang?

duh - duh - duh
I can't remember
but you
get the idea

I know I have their cassette tape somewhere.

Fluffy Windover said...

don't suffocate
on your own hate
or some such.

Best video ever.

Anonymous said...

I can so hear your mom saying that.

Now to try to explain my laughing to the wee one here...hmm...

Cindy said...

Pink Floyd was the first concert I ever attended. The Animals tour. And I remember exactly what we smoked: a thai stick. I don't even think they make those anymore. Not that I'd know these days!

Rachel said...

Forenza! Benetton!

Ahhh...INXS. I remember studying the lyrics while listening to the tape so I would know them perfectly.

This all makes me think of the apple scent of Salon Selectives hair products because that's what I used to keep my bangs super high.

Grateful Girl said...

My Dog! We were all at that show?! You, me, Sheepsy, R... I'm serious. Everyone we know was at that INXS show. (And we weren't even together!) Memories of the "Caps" Center...

Anonymous said...