Slow Week, Gossip-Wise

Dear Diary,

I wish I had something interesting to report. But I don't, so here are some randoms.

- We are in the middle of getting our kitchen redone. I would post some before photos, but I don't want to remember what the kitchen looked like before. Suffice it to say that it was old and bad, and a source of great shame and frustration for me.

- We are not B & B people, the Windovers. This has led to some awkward moments with innkeepers when we try to explain that we will only be requiring the first B, thank you. It seems to leave them perplexed and crestfallen. I have a lot more to say on the B & B subject, but it will have to wait for a later date.

- Does anyone really know what the hell Maundy Thursday is anyway? I did not observe.

- I ate a subway turkey sub today, with unapologetic disregard for the remote possibility of listeriosis poisoning. I also have stopped taking my vitamins. They make me gag, OK? My own OB said she didn't bother taking vitamins. GET OFF MY BACK, PEOPLE. (Yes, I realize that nobody is actually on my back, and that it is my own guilt that makes me so defensive. I'll work it out in therapy.)

- My brother is turning 40 next week. So what's that make me? Ha, still only 32.

- Must get Easter candy, stat.

- Must buy a carrot cake for Easter festivities Sunday, and mess up the frosting so I can pass it off as home-made.

That's all for now. Happy Holy Week!



OLED said...

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Muffy Willowbrook said...

You seriously mess up the frosting on a cake to pass it off as homemade?! I LOVE THAT!! HAHAHA!

I'm going to steal your idea, K?

No one will know since I'm sure we won't both be serving carrot cake to the same family.

Happy Easter!

Kate said...

Have you tried a few different kinds of vitamins, or tried taking them before you go to bed? Not to be a pushy pregnancy person or anything, but when I tried the ones with fish oil I burped disgusting fishy burps, so I wouldn't take those. A couple of other ones failed, but then finally Natelle C vitamins taken before I went to bed did the trick for me.

Ashley said...

First of all, screw listeriosis. You can't live in a bubble.

Secondly, Flintstones chewables baby, whenever you remember them. No guilt.

Thirdly, YOU ROCK ON with your kitchen getting self.

Fourthly, I AM SO WITH YOU ON THE B&B thing. Leave me alone people, I'm on vacay. Also, stop decorating the rooms so lamely.


Cindy said...

Ha--the Figs are with you on that B&B stuff. What really sets my teeth on edge is the decor of many of them. If there's crocheted doilies, I just can't stay there.

Anonymous said...