Recent Development

Dear Diary,

It seems that I have become that pregnant person who actually thinks that other people want to see sonogram images of her baby. I've been showing them to people. Like, whether they ask to see them or not. "DO YOU WANT TO SEE THEM???? I HAVE THEM RIGHT HERE CLEVERLY HIDDEN IN THIS JOHN UPDIKE NOVEL IN MY PURSE!!!!!!"

I never thought I would do that. It's a bad road. But did I mention that he is sucking his thumb in one of them??? I mean, COME ON, that is effing cute.

Already Annoying Braggy Mom Fluffy


Anonymous said...

When will you post it here?

AFRo said...

Okay, I've been reading you for months... found you in the closet and I must know why the hell you're showing those pics to everyone but us? Seriously.

Lori said...

So you are willing to show these adorable images to strangers that don't even ask to see them but not us? This is the 3rd request. Can we please see the CBE (Cutest Baby Ever)?

Anonymous said...