Attention City B Locals

Need a new hair stylist? May I please recommend that you try Ann at Sprout. She gave me a great haircut; she understands my wavy, fine, yet somehow abundant hair. (If I'm feeling especially vain later, I may post a picture.)

Also the highlights I got did not smell bad or burn my head. In fact, the dye smelled pleasant. Also, they massage your scalp when they shampoo you there, and it was so nice that I came close to asking the shampoo girl out on a date.



Lisa said...


Thanks for the recommendation! I too have loads of fine, wavy hair (thought I was the only one!) - and I live near city B, too!

I've been meaning to comment - I've got you in my reader and have been reading for quite some time. I found you through Ashley's Closet. Love your blog!

Fluffy Windover said...

Thanks for reading! Love your calligraphy-- beautiful.

Anonymous said...