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Dear Diary,

I have several topics that I have been meaning to post about. Namely working vs. staying at home parenting, the term "mommy blogger", and the fact that Method tub and tile cleaner makes your shower smell like wet dog.

But I am too busy preparing for FREAKING OUT about my mother-in-law's visit. So it will all have to wait until after the weekend. For now, has anyone tried cutting an angel food cake into layers and spreading nutella (warmed, natch) between the layers? And if so, did it work out alright? Would pound cake be better?



Lizzie Fish said...

pound cake is always better.

the honda or the ford? pound cake.
to nip or not? pound cake.
the roses or the lillies? pound cake.

i think you see my point.

good luck with the visit =)

christinalovesdogs said...

so here i am babysitting and deciding to get great blogs from your "college bestie"'s blog and i stumbled upon THIS!! so yeah i'm already down to may something or other and i HAD to comment because i know exactly what you mean about method tub and tile cleaner. whoof

Anonymous said...