3 Months to Go

Dear Diary,

This weekend my sisters and sister-in-law threw me a family baby shower. It was great. There was bratwurst and cake! What more could a pregnant woman want, really? We got tons of cute clothes for the baby, and each of my 10 nieces and nephews decorated a onesie for him. Some are totally hilarious, like the one my 8-year old niece made that says, "I am a healthy baby! And I am SMART!" A little presumtuous, no? He also got a pair of black converse, so that he can dress just like the BHE.

So here are some pictures because my brother-in-law is on top of things and sent me some! (I have yet to replace that stupid cable for my stupid camera. Oh, and if you leave your nieces in charge of your camera, you will end up with a series of photos of each of them holding a beer.)

India and Lillian: oldest niece, youngest niece.

These particular neices were the flower girls in our wedding 5 years ago. (India, Rain, Autumn, and Helen). And one of them pulled up her dress for the whole congregation during the ceremony. I don't think she does that anymore.

The future of parenthood.

Anyway, a fun day. We feel very lucky to have such a large and loving family ready to welcome our baby. Barf, sorry to get all sentimental. Must have been all the cake and bratwurst.


Anonymous said...

Lovely family and decorating the onesies idea is adorable.

And I'm glad you got some cake!!


Muffy Willowbrook said...

You look spectacular! (you barely look preggars..are you SURE you're gonna have a baby??)

And secretly envious of any baby who can wear black converse shoes.

Heather said...

That dress is cute, yo. And, Amy's girl's hair is so curly! I don't remember that... so pretty...

Broady said...

What a beautiful family! Good genes, you're passing on there.

Anonymous said...