Going to Blogger Hell

Dear Diary,

I am probably getting myself into trouble here, so let me preface this by saying that I am a HUGE Dooce fan. I have read every post and looked at every photograph religiously, for quite some time now. I think she's hilarious, I love her photography, I love her dogs, I love her hair, I love everything she does, I wish I could get that smokey eye makeup right like she does, (instead of ending up looking like a victim of domestic abuse or zombieism like I always seem to), blah blah. And I know that she's had a lot of things going on lately, what with getting all famous and being on the Today Show and putting out books and signing them and whatnot.

But I find myself digging her site even more this week, because she has had guest posters every day while she is on vacation.

OMG did I say that out loud? No, phew, I only wrote it.