Halp! Need cake.

Dear Diary,

Today they sent around this email at our company saying we got some certification or whatever, and to celebrate there would be cake in one of the large conference rooms. So my co-worker asked if I wanted to join her on a cake-ing expedition and I was all, no thanks, I just had lunch and I really don't want to be that pregnant woman who's fat from eating cake constantly (I didn't say that, but you get the idea). No no, I'm just fine with no cake.

So then about a half hour passed, and I was thinking about how every single night after dinner I look over at the BHE while we are watching jeopardy and I say, "Do you have any cake? Cake of any kind?" Of course he never does, so I try to satisfy the craving with soy ice cream and maybe one cookie instead. How lame is that, when I really want cake? I deserve an effing piece of cake, I decided. I've only gained 8 pounds, my ass is still its normal size so why shouldn't I have some cake? So I went up to the conference room to get some cake, confident that I deserved it and very very excited to eat it.

And it was all gone.



Life, Love & Lola said...

Get yourself some "Birthday Cake Ice Cream" it may do the trick

Bailey said...

I'm jealous. I'm about as pregnant as you are, I think. I went to the dr. yesterday and I have gained 32 lbs. so far. Wah! And now I want cake.

Anonymous said...

Go get yourself some cake!! I'm 4 weeks behind you and have gained 15 lbs and NEVER deny myself cake, hot fudge sundaes, cinammon rolls slathered in frosting, etc. In fact, I'm off to stuff myself with some fast food for lunch :0 But I'll do my Gaby Reece prenatal workout and walk the dog when I get home. All about happy moderation.


Muffy Willowbrook said...


Your will power definitely deserves some cake!

Bailey said...

I'm due Sept. 25.
The weird spasmy kicks have been happening to me too. Have you had your glucose/gestational diabetes test yet? Wait for those kicks. Those will freak you out!
I have been thinking about picking up a cake mix soon too. I did that with brownies a few weeks ago. I bought a brownie mix and was so excited. And then I forgot to add the eggs. They came out totally wrong that I made my husband go out later that evening and get me a new mix.
Enjoy the cake!

Anonymous said...