The Land of the Lost

Dear Diary,

So I have all these pictures that I want to upload to Flickr, and maybe some here, but I seem to have lost the stupid cable that plugs my stupid camera into the stupid computer. There are, like, a million cables lying around, not one of which is the cable in question. HOW COULD IT JUST BE GONE???? This is the story of my life.

Yesterday, I was all ready to cook for real, with the chicken and the oven and the lemons and the whole thing and I could not find my 9x9 pyrex baking dish. It was just nowhere. Just... gone. And our kitchen is really not that big, there are really not that many places it could be. I think I last used it to bake brownies a couple weeks ago, and maybe in my enthusiasm for eating the delicious delicious brownies I also devoured the glass dish? Also, the BHE lost an entire suitcase. Just... gone. How does one misplace a suitcase? Or a pyrex dish? I can kind of see how the cable could go missing. We have dogs and cats, they eat weird things. But a suitcase? Really?

Anyway, back to the camera. I hear that they make wireless memory cards that allow you to upload photos without a stupid cable that gets lost. Anyone? Anyone? Because I cannot deal anymore. The frustration is compounded by the fact that we are trying to get rid a bunch of crap to make room for the baby, and some of it I would like to post on Craig's list, so I took pictures of everything but CAN'T UPLOAD BECAUSE I CAN'T FIND THE STUPID CABLE.

Just a little frustrated, sorry, I should just eat more brownies, but wait, I can't, because I can't find that pyrex dish that is the perfect size for brownies.




Melissa said...

Um, I know where your pyrex baking dish is. Same place as your rain coat. We love you!! Can I bring you some delicious, delicious brownies?

Fluffy Windover said...

Ah! That's right! From the coffee cake! Duh. I probably have dishes floating all around this town.

Me said...

It's called eye-fi. They are $100 It is a USB card reader that basically works with your home wi-fi to do all the downloading of your pics for you (takes care of all the downloading to Flickr).


Kalyn said...

even better (for me at least) is my HP printer that also does copies, and has all different sized slots for any memory card. No cords, no extra things... I love my HP printer. It was only like $100 bucks too :)

Kalyn said...
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Anonymous said...