No, we did not name our kid after that Tom Cruise movie.

Dear Diary,

So this weekend we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary by going to Cape May for the weekend. Also I celebrated my 30th week of pregnancy with lots of peeing, a heartburn/tums shortage-induced TOTAL FREAKOUT, and rather sore feet. But it was a nice weekend just the same.

Also, we are having a bit of a name crisis at the moment. The name we have picked out may not work because of an upcoming Tom Cruise movie. I will explain later, possibly. May I also add that the name we have picked out is the only name that the BHE and I can agree on, so if we can't use it we are in serious trouble. And about that, the whole agreeing on a name thing. Why can't I just pick it out myself? Maybe in the hospital when the BHE steps out to get some air (did I mention he can't even watch ER?) I will quick fill out the birth certificate with one of my name choices and that will be that.

Also, note to mah baybeh:

If you are trying to get out of there early by forcibly jamming your head through my side like it's a too-small turtleneck (or perhaps that's your foot, knee, or elbow-- who can tell) UR DOIN IT WRONG.



John I said...

Wait, you are gonna name your kid Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg?

Fun fact: Tom Cruise's real name is "Thomas Cruise Mapother IV"

-John I

Elizabeth H. said...

Damn, that is a stroke of bad luck. However, it may be a stroke of good luck.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

For what it's worth, I definitely feel you should be able to pick the name. Send him out for a sub sandwich and get the name on the BirthCert ASAP.

Southern Fried Girl said...

My kid keeps bumping my bladder. Good times.

Happy anniversary!

Kate said...

It does seem like we should get to pick the name, after all the shit we go through getting it here.

Bailey said...

Screw the Tom Cruise movie. Who's going to watch that? (or if they do, who will remember the character's name?)

I'm starting my leave 9/15. I'm not really able to do my job from home, not that I would want to anyway. So that gives me about 2 weeks at home before my due date. I would imagine your job would be flexible as far as letting you work from home for a week or so. I told my manager I was leaving earlier than planned to spare him the crabbiness of an uncomfortable pregnant woman and he seemed to appreciate it.

How are you feeling besides the baby jabbing you?

Life, Love & Lola said...

You carry it for 9 months...You pick the name.

Anonymous said...