Dude, Abe Lincoln had the french pox.

Dear Diary,

I wish I had something interesting to say. But I don't. These days are all about the pregnant. It's hard not to think about constantly, when at this point in a pregnancy one's body seems to take up an entire room.

I am reading a good book-- The Lincolns: Portrait of a Marriage. Nutjobs, these two. I highly recommend it.

Heard about that book on NPR, which leads me to this next thought. Has anyone else noticed the increasing amount of awkward puns Steve Inskeep keeps throwing in on Morning Edition? What has gotten into him? If I want that kind of shenanigans, I will watch my local City B news, thanks. NPR should stay away from humor and sports, imo.

I have brokered a deal to come back to work part time after the baby. I have very complex and unresolved feelings about working and child-rearing. I don't really want to go into it, but let's just say that a therapy session or two probably wouldn't hurt. Anyway, part time seems like a decent solution. Less money, but less guilt. I guess I might have to clip a coupon or two, but that's what moms do, right? Clip coupons and shop at Costco and bake their own cookies? I can be down with that.

I keep having dreams that the BHE leaves me for another woman, and I am stuck trying to find a replacement husband at 8 months pregnant. I'm not sure which is more disturbing: the fact that I keep dreaming that he leaves me, or the fact that in these dreams my immediate thought is: OMG must go find suitable replacement, brb.



Bailey said...

Only a few more weeks! My concentration is pretty much completely shot too. That would be nice if your company lets you work from home. I think it's so exhausting dragging my pregnant self into the office all day.. and having to put on clothes that are not pajama pants is really wearing on me.

CaraBee said...

In the final weeks of my pregnancy I had CRAZY dreams pretty much every night. Sometimes goofy stuff about who the father was (for the record, there is NO question on that one, which is why it's bizarre) but very often nightmares about the delivery and what she would come out looking like. From what I hear, it's pretty normal.

Anonymous said...