Hoping For a Mama's Boy

Dear Diary,

Allow me to state for the record that I am generally anti-guitar solo. Unless the song is by Boston.

Let me also state that my love for the band Boston is perhaps not entirely ironic. Do I crank them in the car just to get on the BHE's nerves, or do I crank them in the car BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME? Not sure anymore.

Our poor son will be forced to be the family tie breaker on which bands are awesome or not: for example, Led Zepplin, U2, Foreigner, Oasis (and in case you're interested in my opinion, that would be awesome, not awesome, awesome, not awesome). Who will he side with? I've already been coaching him in utero. I have the current advantage of lots more alone time in the car with this kid than his dad does. So I have had several opportunities to mold his young opinion:

"Hear that, little baby? I'm sure you do; that whiny nasal voice is probably what's making you hiccup. That's Oasis. Your dad thinks they are good, but you and I both know that Blur is far superior."

And then he usually head-butts my bladder in agreement.