Random Fug

Dear Diary,

Here is a picture of the dresser in the nursery that the BHE painted and refurbished with new hardware. This dresser has somewhat of a colorful history that involves the house (affectionately nicknamed the "Shanty of Shame"-- or just the "Shanty" for short) where the BHE was living when I found met him, that was this close to being condemned by City B. Long story short: free dresser.

And this is a closeup of the fabric that I put on top of the dresser. It's sailboats!

AND here is a closeup of the adorable print you see there on the wall. It's from here, a little baby boutique in our neighborhood. I'm sure the baby will really appreciate the grosgrain ribbon that I used to hang it. Ha.

I've often thought that people do up their nurseries just to indulge their own decorating tastes and show it off to their friends and family, and look! I am no exception. It's the cutest room in the house, for sure. I just might take it over for myself.

And speaking of style. I cannot wait until I can buy some new fall duds after the baby is born (assuming I don't have two sizes of ass to lose, in which case I guess I'll have to wait until winter to look cute. Sigh.) So I went online to the Gap to see what their fall stuff looks like, and was assaulted with this image:

Um, no. What... is that thing? I'm sure the ladies at Go Fug Yourself could come up with a witty description of all that is wrong here, but all I can say is: DO NOT WANT.



CaraBee said...

I can definitely confirm that the decor and furniture in our baby girl's room got WAY more thought than any other in the house. I love that store, btw!

I've been feeling pretty ambivalent about Gap for a while now and seeing this only confirms my feelings.

Portia said...

Cute room!

Bailey said...

The baby's room is so cute! Our's is definately the most "done" room in the apartment. For example, it's the only room that is painted a color other than white.

I'm giving up on shopping for a little while. And from the looks of that picture, when I get back into it, I will not be going to the Gap.

Bailey said...
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Me said...

Update: maternity clothes have now crossed over into non-maternity clothes.

Just to mess with everyone's head (is she pregnant AGAIN?)

Take note of the empire waist tops. You can't get away from them now.

Broady said...

Love the dresser/family heirloom. Well done!

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Baby room = KAAA-HUUT!

Pocahontas Look = SUCK.

Anonymous said...