Tut tut, ribbit.

Dear Diary,

Some photos of recent activities to follow.

My girlfriends threw me a shower. Because I am a spoiled brat like that. It was so fun! Ladies only, catering by Mrs. P and decorating by Mrs. M.

Here you may recognize my bestie from college, on the left, and Mrs. M., on the right. College bestie broke her hand, and was waving that thing about in a rather menacing manner all afternoon.

Also recently, we went to Cape May to celebrate our 5th wedding annivesary. Here I am, in all my fatness, on the ferry.
Oh my god, the whimsy. THE WHIMSEY!

We stayed here, which, incidentally, is the place where my family and I stayed every year when I was growing up. There was this black victorian baby carriage on the landing of the stairs that was totally creeping me out. Very Rosemary's Baby. Other than that, it was cool. The best part was that the 2nd B of the B and B was totally manageable for us, since there were separate tables. Phew. No forced comradeship with fellow guests. "Oh what's that, you're going whale watching today? DON'T CARE."

In other news, I've been having a bit of a problem with a woman at work. We'll call her the unattractive Briton. Let's just say that she is under the mistaken impression that I took the last of the coffee and didn't make more. But she is wrong, and she also has a face like a bullfrog. So who wins? I do.



Bailey said...

You look great!

Fluffy Windover said...

Aw, thanks! I feel... not always so great. ha.

Me said...

Just tell her that pregnant women don't drink coffee duh :)

Also, I left you an award on my blog if you would like another fill-in.

Portia said...

You are my new favorite person. I'm obsessed with your blog( Not in a crazy, stalker kind of way, I just use it as a way to ignore my kids) Congratulations on your baby!

Anonymous said...