Any day now, right?

Dear Diary,

What we have here is a regulation size baby, now that I'm 37 weeks.

And according to the baby doctor, I've been busy effacing. 30%! I have the feeling this baby will hold out until the bitter end, but I have been gently encouraging him to consider arriving sooner, so that I can be done with all the pregnancy. I've been telling him about all the things he can enjoy on the outside, like:

- his totally awesome room, that is not a craphole like the rest of the house
- Ninja Warrior
- his delightful, indulgent parents
- the bbq joint in our neighborhood (true, he won't be able to indulge for quite some time but he's welcome to have a whiff of ribs whenever we order them)
- 2 large and affectionate dogs (not sure if this one is a big incentive)
- more room to stretch out (seriously dude, it's getting a little tight in there)
- cuddles
- boobies
- Paddington Bear

I've tried to stay away from mentioning the more unpleasant realities of life on the outside, like rude fat people, the christian right, and household chores. Don't want to scare him.

In other news, I have no other news because pregnancy is taking up my entire body and my entire life. Aaaaaaaa!



Southern Fried Girl said...

THAT is you at 37 weeks?

Well I give the crap up. Jesus. I am not even 31 weeks and I could crush you. Sigh.

You are all cute. DAMN IT.

Me said...

I like the name Barack Windover :)

just don't call him Barry.

Portia said...

You look fantastic! Huge, my ass. (No, really, my ass is huge but that's beside the point!) You're a cute pregnant woman.

Kate said...

Yeah, I clearly already weigh more than you at 16 weeks. That feels good on a Monday morning. Well, it might for you. As for wishing that baby out of you - I know it's uncomfortable, but trust me (and I know you hate advice from other people): enjoy every last night you have of flopping on the couch watching tv and getting more or less a full night's sleep!

Lizzie Fish said...

ditto kate. and...um...your belly is so tiny and cute. i was the size of my car.

La Rivera said...

Yesss... so happy you put up a photo. You look amazing!

Anonymous said...