Quick Update

Dear Diary,

We are doing great, though neither the BHE or I seem to be able to remember our son's name. The BHE keeps calling him Edward by mistake, and I am fond of Yertle (as in, The Turtle). There is also Mad Man, Eddie J, and Boobie Monster. Some day I hope to remember that we named him Edwin and that we obsessed for months and months choosing that name and address him appropriately. Until then, I think he kind of looks like Yertle, don't you?

Matchy matchy!

We took him to the pediatrician yesterday, where he crapped all over the nurse, after also peeing all over her as well. She remarked that in her 14 years on the job, it is rare that a baby gets her with exploding crap, and that Edwin sure is fast. Yes, that's our Fast Eddie. You gotta wake up pretty early to avoid being crapped on.

Either way, we'll keep him.




La Rivera said...

Just have to say congrats again. He looks like the sweetest baby ever. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Fluffy and BHE - I think Yertle is adorable and his skills as an "explosion crap" artiste are to be commended. I believe this to be a fitting start to a wonderful life for him. Please keep us posted on fast Eddie's progress

Sheila from west Michigan

CaraBee said...

First off, I hate you for looking so skinny just after having a baby. And secondly, I think Yertle is a perfectly acceptable name for a young man. You wait, the class of 2027 will be chock of them.

Kate said...

He's just gorgeous and you look amazing as well! Enjoy your beautiful baby boy!

Me said...

I see RED in that hair!?!?!?!?


Nicole said...

Long time lurker...

At 5 months we realized our DD responded more to Baby, Pumpkin Head, Sprite, and Poopie Butt better then her name: Fiona.

Anonymous said...