3 Weeks Old!

Dear Diary,

Our little mad man is 3 weeks old today. Zomg! Recent developments include making a really cute creaking sound while snoozing, snoozing most of the day and then trying to party all night long, gaining 20 ounces in a week (oinker) and nursing so much that I am now skinnier than I was before I got pregnant.

I got nothin' else going on, really.

We will have some visitors this week--Edwin's friends, associates, etc. He met his first baby friend this weekend, little Jack McD. Jack's dad and the BHE are childhood friends. Here are Edwin and Jack with Jack's parents. Eddie's got a little catching up to do, but maybe until then Jack can be his bodyguard. As Mrs. McD pointed out, Jack looks like he's about to eat Edwin in this photo. What can I say, he has that effect on people. Nom.