Those Brilliant Mayans

Dear Diary,

I keep seeing this show on the History channel about how the world must be ending on Dec. 21, 2012 because the Mayans predicted it. Because you know, the Mayans had everything all figured out. Everything... except THE WHEEL. So maybe don't go building your bomb shelters just yet.

And now for an update on the mad little man:

1. He is 8 weeks old now.

2. He slept for 6 hours straight this week (once).

3. He finally figured out how to eat from a bottle. This has been an ongoing battle, and with my return to work date looming (December 1, wtfbbq?) I have been totally stressing about it. He wants none of this bottle business and who can blame him? I have spectacular boobs.

4. He went to sleep in his big crib last night and slept there for 4 hours!!! Of course, when he woke up I brought him back to our room because I'm insane.

5. His range of show tunes is ever-expanding. Here he is belting out Big Spender:

6. I have been telling him all about the different foods he will be able to enjoy when he gets bigger, and this week I ran through the different types of cake. I told him he has 8 months to think about what kind of cake he might like for his 1st birthday, and when I got to pineapple upside-down cake his face exploded into a huge smile. So I guess I better figure out how to make that.
7. Don't worry, I don't actually think my baby understood what the hell I was saying when I said "pineapple upside-down cake". I'm not one of those moms. Yet.
P.S. for other moms out there: Anyone have experience with giving your baby formula at daycare and breastfeeding in the evenings/weekends? Does this work? I will not be able to pump at work and I am worried about my milk supply. Advice sought, please advise. Kthx.


Broady said...

I've had a few friends tell me that your body will eventually adjust... the example everyone seems to use are nurses. The urban legend is that their milk supply eventually matches their work schedule, so they produce more milk on certain days of the week, as many of them work in 24-hour shifts.

In any case, my milk supply was out of control for the first 3 months, but after that (and a bad case of mastitis), my body seemed to "get" how much I needed, such that I was no longer engorged each morning. If I were heading back to work, I would probably get one of those adapters that allows you to pump in your car in case of a "mammary emergency", as I like to call them.

Kimberly said...

I have heard it all depends on the individual. My friend Linda was able to do both breast feeding and bottle feeding whenever she felt like it, and had no problem.

Other girls have told me their boobs would explode if they tried that.

CaraBee said...

I seriously overproduced for the first six months of my daughter's life, so I don't think something like that would have worked for me. At 13 months I still can't go more than 10 or 12 hours without leakage. However, I hear about people doing it all the time. Mothers who only breastfeed in the morning and evening. Good luck!

Anonymous said...