Tweedle Beetle Bottle Battle

Dear Diary,

Please disregard my previous comment re: bottle feeding. Edwin still basically refuses, and carries on like the BHE is trying to poison him. And that's with bottles of breastmilk, not the formula he's supposed to start on.

Anyone want to give the BHE a job that pays enough for me to stay home? He is a cartographer but he also might make a good cabana boy, as he is good at laundry and can mix a mean drink.



Broady said...

I know how frustrating it is introducing the bottle. Well, this is very unusual, it actually flies in the face of what everyone else experiences, but it worked for me.

We first introduced the bottle (w/ breast milk) at 4 weeks, then just 2 or 3 times a week. But after the second week, the only person that he would take a bottle from was ME. Weird, huh. But I did the whole "bait and switch" thing starting w/ the breast and then quickly slipping in the bottle before he noticed the swap. It eventually worked. Good luck... breast feeding really rules your life for a while, but it gets better.

Broady said...

oh-- and to clarify, he was still b'feeding directly from the source as his primary mode of leche. Now that we've got it down pat the little scamp is trying to wean himself. Can't win.

Fluffy Windover said...

Brilliant. I will totally try the bait and switch.

La Rivera said...

My second baby refused bottled breast milk once she turned two months old. As offended as I was (all that work!), I put formula in the bottle and she went for it. Maybe try formula? The bait and switch is such a good idea, I wish I had thought of that!

Cindy said...

God--I remember that. My mother finally had to blow into town and take care of the situation. She kicked me out of my own house for the day. I don't know what went on while I was gone.

What kind of cartography does he do? I work for a publisher, and we hire freelance cartographers to draw maps of places that no longer exist. But we don't pay very well.

Anonymous said...

Try the breast bottle nurser, it's a bottle that is shaped like your boob, looks weird, but my 2nd and 3rd kids would only take this bottle.

Worth a try. One step ahead sells them online. You can also buy them direct from the manufacturer and they will refund your money if it doesn't work.
Good luck!

Kimberly said...

If you get that boob bottle, I definitely want to see pictures of Edwin using it :)