Back to the Grind

Dear Diary,

Today was my first day back at the office. Everything went down OK. The mad man did pretty well at daycare. I was able to pump a bottle at lunchtime in a vacant room in the basement (glamorous, yes?) I missed him but when I picked him up he was all, "Whatever, lady. Less fawning, more boobs." And he did not smile for me not even once when we got home, then of course when the BHE walked in it was like the freaking circus came to town.

So, being back at work is reminding me of how much of a germophobe I am. I don't think I touched one door handle in that joint the whole time I was pregnant, and I ain't starting now. Don't even get me started about the snot-nosed toddlers at daycare. . Yes yes, I'm glad you like Edwin but please DO NOT TOUCH HIM WITH YOUR GRIMY TODDLER MITS! He is really into shoving his hands into his mouth right now. Good thing he is a little slow on the grabbing of objects so far.

But anyway. It was a pretty good day. I got to drink coffee and talk to adults. Though I'm sure I made no sense because I'm totally brain dead because Edwin was up every 1.5 hours last night. WTF? Good thing he is cute.