Dear Diary,

So I took Edwin to my office today again, because I was bored and wanted to show him off. He is quite popular wit da ladeez, naturally. He was basically bewildered the whole time. I was hoping he would show off his smile, but I think being in a corporate environment freaked him out (as well it should).

My MIL was visiting this weekend and so we left Edwin with her and went out to dinner. It sort of felt like we were committing a crime at first. I kept expecting social services to come after us, but after I downed 2 beers I totally relaxed and we even talked about things other than our baby, if you can believe it. And speaking of those 2 beers... wow. Cannot hold liquor. Even after eating an enormous burger and fries, still felt totally drunk. Good thing the baby was asleep when we got home and I didn't have to feed him right away.

Oh, and instead of sending him to daycare I have another solution. Please see below.