So there.

Dear Diary,

Last night I was even more selfish than usual and met my friend, Mrs. P, for a happy hour drink. Anyway, I thought the mad man and the BHE could use some quality time.

We went here. This place is so great. If you live in City B, please go because it's one of precious few decent bars in my neighborhood and I don't want it to close. And, AND! We joined their beer league. That's right. They have a very large selection of beers and if you drink every one of them (not in one sitting, obviously, though I'm sure if you did they would put your name on a plaque or something), you join the beer league. I'm not sure what happens when you join; I think you get to drink out of a boot or something? Anyway, it seemed very official. The bartender wrote our names in a book! I had the Guinness and the Anchor Steam! It will probably take me like a year to join the league, but I enjoy a challenge.

In other news, did I mention that I am super mom? I feel that I am juggling my career and motherhood just fine, thank you very much. The mad man seems to like daycare and I am enjoying being back at work. Frankly, I'm tired of people acting like I must be just dying inside. Really, it's OK. This is what I am doing for my family and it's all fine. If you had to do it for your family, you could do it too. And lest you think that I am some insensitive, heartless robot, please be assured that I love my kid just as much as anyone else loves their kids.

Supermom Fluffy, who is turning down the free ride on the mommy guilt train.


Marie said...

I, as a working mother, agree completely. I sometimes try to get on that train and then I remind myself what I am doing for my family and it is so worth it for us.

The Wife said...

Good for you, Fluff! Glad everything is going so well.

La Rivera said...

Happy to read all is well!

Bailey said...

I want to join the beer league!

Glad the back to work transition was smooth!

Anonymous said...

We've been looking for a chance to try The Parkside but haven't made it there yet. I bet we will get out butts there a bit sooner if I tell my husband about the beer league. I cannot believe that there is actually a bar that my kids can play at. Best idea ever. We've been to Clementine but the no kids menu thing really tripped us up.

I work part-time and leave my younger son in extended day at preschool. I like talking to grown-ups and I don't feel guilty about it.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear everything is going well. I go back to work and the baby goes to daycare Jan 12. It's nice to hear something positive about the situation :) It's not like us working momma's don't love our babies any less.


Fluffy Windover said...

GO WORKING MOMS!!!! (And stay-at-home moms. All moms, really.)

Anonymous said...