Dear Diary,

OMFG it's a bear!

Anyway. See the beautiful quilt upon which this ferocious beast is poised? A woman we don't even know made that for Edwin. Some old lady friend of the BHE's mom or something. Amazing how people go crazy for babies, no?

And since I promised some workplace material... you may remember me mentioning the unattractive Briton? The one with the face like a bullfrog? Well, I had another unfortunate run-in with her last week. She already hates me, and now she thinks I'm trying to kill her.

I was driving into the parking garage at work, talking to my friend JH on the phone. Yeah, yeah, I know. I totally gab on my cell phone while I'm driving. I know I shouldn't; get off my back. It's not illegal here yet. Anyway, JH was talking about another gal we know, and described her as a "greedy cunt". This, of course, sent me into gales and gales of laughter because... who talks like that? Aren't we all adults here? Apparently not. Anyway, the bullfrog was hopping out into the traffic of the parking garage at precisely this moment. So I had to kind of slam on my brakes, but I was throwing my head back in laughter at the same time. So it didn't look good. But seriously lady-- play Frogger in the arcade, not the parking garage. K? thx.

Don't even get me started on Sullen Fat Girl. That's a story for later.




Muffy Willowbrook said...

Edwin is PRECIOUS! OH!

One of my friends is desperately trying to bring the "cunt" word BACK into regular rotation. She's working on us and trying to get us to add it into our vocab, but dang - I just feel icky about saying it!

jenn said...

MUST hear Sullen Fat Girl story ASAP! That sounds like exactly what I need to improve my day.

Edwin is darling - downright edible.

Kimberly said...

We have a sullen fat girl here too. I almost hit her with my car, luckily I didn't. Damage averted.

Lori said...

That bear is adorable!

I want to hear about Sullen Fat Girl. I love your stories.

Anonymous said...