Beam Me Up, Scotty

Dear Diary,

I guess I'd better post before the insanity of the holidays really sets in, and while my son, who is actually a "never-nap", is in his crib for the charade we like to call nap time.

We are heading down to Colonial Williamsburg for Christmas (that's where my MIL lives) and yes, totally buying Edwin a tri-cornered hat.

In other news, here he is in his captain's chair.

This high chair had been sitting in the box it came in since my baby shower, and looking at it the other day I discovered that he did not have to be able to sit up on his own to use it. I was like wait, you mean I could have been neglecting him THIS WHOLE TIME?? So we set that bad boy up toot sweet. He seems to enjoy it; he sat in there for like 40 minutes yesterday watching me bake banana bread.

And here he is in our bed, which is pretty much where he sleeps for the time being, since he has outgrown the basinette and refuses to sleep in his crib. He was totally cracking up during this photo shoot. He thinks it's hilarious that we expect him to start sleeping in his crib starting next week. Hilarious, I tell you. Actually, he probably thinks that we're the ones who will start sleeping in his crib so that he gets the big bed all to himself.




La Rivera said...

Hey, is that one of them there portable baby-feedin' seats? I love those things. Very handy.

Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't want to curl up in these beautiful top - drawer quality linens with a nice warm mum and dad instead of some cold, lonely, and merely adequately appointed crib. go figure.

Anonymous said...