Part Timer

Dear Diary,

Today is the first day of my new part-time work schedule. From now on I can pretend to be a stay-at-home mom on Mondays. We may venture to the little kiddie sing-along at the local coffee shop. Because, you know, Edwin just loves to sing. And he loves... coffee. Anyway, I'm thinking maybe I can meet other moms that way.

But it is a tricky business, this reaching out to meet other parents. Because what if you can't stand these people, and your kids become best friends? Then you're stuck hanging out with the kid's mom constantly, who may turn out to be into scrapbooking. Or worse. The possibilities are frightening. But it has to be done. I need to connect with other mothers with nearly 4 month old babies who refuse to nap unless physically attached to a parent, who will only sleep at night when curled up right next to mom (and no, mom cannot watch TV or read at bedtime), and who have no tolerance for being put down whatsoever. Welcome to attachment parenting gone horribly wrong.

Anyone? (Parents with babies who take nice long naps every day and who sleep through the night in their cribs can suck it and need not apply.)


P.S. - We had a very active holiday season, including Edwin getting some Jesus all up on him. Holy baptized baby, batman! And yes, that is a fruity little lace baptismal cap he's wearing. It's a family heirloom, and the pictures will come in handy for embarrassment purposes later on.


Bailey said...

The coffee shop thing sounds fun. Aside from the group at the hospital I've been going to, I haven't found anything like that around here. Ava is still too young I guess.

Even if you don't meet anyone today, it'll be good to get out.

Lizzie Fish said...

okay, enjoy your time out and don't worry about the other parents. you have at least three years until edwin will start picking his own friends. especially there at the beginning - it's like speed dating for parents and then! even better when he starts moving because you can always say "oh hey! there he GOES" and extricate yourself from ANY conversation, even one involving double-sided tape.


Mama H said...

Glad you've posted! I have missed reading about the little man. I am jealous you are off on Mondays... that would be SO nice! Too bad you don't live in SC... I've always wanted a friend named Fluffy!

Southern Fried Girl said...

Hey, move to Luziana. You and I will get along famously. My kid is a little younger (and saying hi to Jesus this Sunday too - how friggin cute) but he does all of the above so we can bond over our sleeplessness.

Is one not supposed to put friggin and Jesus in the same sentence?

La Rivera said...

Moms aplenty... http://www.momsclub.org/links.html

The one in my old town was great. I actually miss a few of them since we moved. Anyhoo, it's a possible place to start. Good luck out there.

Anonymous said...

Keep going to the bookstore (Red Canoe?) and you will meet people. And then store this bit of info away to pull back out in about 6 months:
This group saved my sanity.

The winter is always hard. It gets easier when the weather is warmer and mothers gather at local playgrounds desperate for sunlight.

My youngest just turned three but both of my boys were exactly like Edwin. Wanna chat? Just send me an e-mail. I believe I am only about 10-15 minutes from you (tooks the kids to Parkside for lunch the other day and it was not out of my way if that helps).

ldmathias at hotmail dot com


Broady said...

I hate the days when Bear decides he's not "nap material." They are sooo long. Hang in there. Also, if you have allergies, the silver lining is that the half-dose (just one tablet, not two) of benadryl I would have to take sure did make for a good night sleep for the baby. My pediatrician knew, said it would be fine-- otherwise I struggle to breathe at times. Anywhoo, if you catch yourself getting congested or similar... just an FYI.

Love the baptismal cap!

Kimberly said...

That is what caller id is for.

If you can't stand them, don't answer the phone a few times :)

Fluffy Windover said...

Thanks, everyone!
Anonymous, I may be in touch. I tried to go to Red Canoe today but Edwin was actually asleep, if you can believe it!

Anonymous said...

join baltap!

Anonymous said...