Self-Promotion of the Shameless Variety

Dear Diary,

So. I just started writing for this local website as the "New Mom Examiner". I think their criteria for writers must be very, very lax. But anyway, here is the link in case you want to read my stuff. It is local to City B, so probably not that interesting if you're not local. Also, probably not that interesting if you are local. You will learn my real name on this page; please don't stalk me. Ha, I flatter myself.

What else has been going on? Lots of not sleeping, some teething (in Edwin's case), some eating of bananas and avocados and sweet potatoes, some buying of spring/summer wardrobes for certain babies (omfg BABY BATHING SUIT nom nom nom).

On the sleep front, we tried the crying it out method this weekend to get the Boss to sleep in his crib. We let him cry scream in there for an hour, and I have never felt so bad about anything ever. So, long, emotionally devastating story short: this method does not and will not work for our family. So back to square... zero?

OK, coupla pics.

Serious composer baby is SERIOUS

I like to call this look "baby blue gangsta".



Anonymous said...

ok...here is the deal on the cry it out method 3-5 days of utter heart break...followed by parents and children that sleep. You might say that only cruel parents do this...i would say parents that tried to sleep with their child for 6 months and were caught shivering and sleep deprived at work, broken and sad do this when they have run out of options.

do as you will.

worked for us.

BTW everytime you get off schedule or your kid gets sick (which is daily in day care) you will probably have to do it again.


Kate said...

We really liked the Ferber method, which is sort of cry it out, but more humane (in my opinion). There, you let your baby cry, but you go in at increasing intervals. So you start at like 5, 7, 10 minutes. At the third one, you keep going in at that interval until they finally sleep. We had to do this a few times, with whatever setback caused issues, but ultimately it worked and at 6 months our kid was finally an all-nighter (yes, I know, imagine how good it feels to be the only person whose baby apparently doesn't sleep through the night at 2 months).

Broady said...

Wow, sorry to hear of the tough times with the Boss. I know every kid is different and causes their parents a unique type of misery while trying to work out the sleeping arrangements.

What worked for us... not allowing the Bear to sleep for more than 2 or 2.5 hours at a stretch during the day/evening; trying to stuff the kid to the gills for the last feeding of the night; white noise machine; and eventually letting him CIO using the above mentioned Ferber method. It took about 2-3 nights as I recall, but I wasn't working so it wasn't quite as brutal on me if I'd had to be productive and professional the following day.

I really feel for you... hang in there. I've also noticed that the sleeping time stretches out as they become more mobile and can wear themselves out, so maybe that will help in time?

La Rivera said...

Aw, Fluff. I know it's not easy. Try it again when you're (all) ready. The joy of sleep will eventually numb the guilt of letting him cry.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah...by cry it out I meant ferber. If you just stick your kid in a room and say 'cry all you want I am having a margarita.' Well...there is a special place for you in parent hell...We did the whole go in in 3 minutes, then 5 minutes, then 7..and eventually every 12 until he falls asleep...Sorry I call ferber cry it out...but really it isn't. Our Dr. recommended ferber because we were broken, said 'Buy the book and if you like you can meet with Dr. Ferber, he is still at Children's Hospital and very nice.'

who knew.

A nony mous

jenn said...

The CIO method didn't work for us either. We did the family bed for 18 mos., and it worked beautifully for us. Well-rested, all.

That said, every family is different. I have many friends that swear by CIO.

Edwin is yummy!

Anonymous said...