Tally Me Banana

Dear Diary,

The news:

1. The Boss ate some bananas this morning. First real food! This is immensely exciting, as it will eventually lead to him leaving my boobs alone at night.

2. We started calling Edwin the Boss. He is the worst boss ever; I asked him for a raise and he tried to take off my shirt.

3. Why is John Turturro doing Heineken commercials?

4. I may (may) have scored a sort of writing gig. Not sure yet, I'll keep you posted. The only problem is that this gig may involve me writing about doing things with a baby in City B, and we don't do anything so that might pose a problem.

5. We will be seeing both sets of grandparents this weekend.

6. I want to get bangs. Thoughts?

Love, Fluffy


Lori said...

The Boss sounds like a truly awful boss. Do you have a human resource department? Or does he run that as well? You really should file a report. Geez, he tries to take off your shirt, gives you colds, keeps you up all night, etc. That's just not right!

The writing gig sounds cool. So what if you and The Boss don't go out and do things. Haven't you heard of fiction?

As for bangs, well we need pictures. A recent pic of you and a pic of the bangs you think you want.

La Rivera said...

Three words on bangs. Yes, yes, and yes.

Anonymous said...

I'm with little K- I love you in bangs. And chaps. TMI?

Sister B said...

Yes to bangs. They flatter Everyone over 30....(ok, I read that from a beauty mag but I find it to be true...)just keep them long-ish..I'm actually thinking of cutting more myself-

Sasha said...

I love bangs. My hairdress tried to talk me into growing mine out yesterday, but I told her she was smokin' crack.

Kimberly said...

Bangs are all the rage here in the Midwest right now.

You can look at that as a positive, or a hell no... depending on your perspective :)

Anonymous said...