Dear Diary,

I have been at my parents' house in suburbia for nearly two weeks while our bathroom is under renovation. And to answer Cindy, yes, we did pick out new tile for the shower. But we loved the original 1930's subway tile so much, we just replaced it with new subway tile. Basically it will look the same, only less disgusting! And less likely to fall off. The subway tile covered the entire room, but we replaced it with wainscot in the interest of fiscal responsibility and maintenance. We really wanted to keep the original art deco bath/shower hardware, but our contractor said it had to go. I found something similar to the old stuff, for only $800! Um, no. So we chose something less vintage that will still look OK, I think. Here it is!

More later, gotta go feed the mad man. Who, by the way, eats his weight in solid food at daycare but will not eat one bite if I am here and instead grabs at my boobs. This may become problematic during his birthday parties.