She's a Laaaaaaady

Dear Diary,

Can we talk about Kyra Sedgwick, and why she's prancing about in an orange juice commercial? And how the camera never focuses on her face quite long enough for you to be really sure it's her? (It is.)

If she's embarrassed about having to do orange juice commercials (as she should be), why doesn't she just go to Japan like everyone else? For example, Nicholas Cage.



CaraBee said...

Those Nicholas Cage commercials are freaking hysterical!

Southern Fried Girl said...

I'm assuming she is doing it since she and her hubs lost a significant sum of money due to that asshat Madoff. That was my first thought.

Lora said...

Dear Fluffy,
Thank you so much for making me feel not-so-weird about getting really close to the tv every time that commercial comes on because I can't figure out if that was her or not and it's just the strangest thing ever and I really hate the shoes she is wearing

Anonymous said...