Dear Diary,

Not much new to report. Except! Edwin is 7 months old and is sitting up! Our bathroom is almost done and looks beautiful, and though we can't use the shower yet we CAN use the toilet. Also, not being able to use the shower has necessitated my taking nighttime baths, which turns out is rather luxurious. I sit in there and call out to the BHE periodically, "I'm almost done!" when I'm totally not almost done.

Here are a couple of Edwin pics, since I really have nothing funny or interesting to say.

Totally not feeling the wagon thing.

This is the face that our daycare provider calls "Muffin Man".

Helping with laundry.

My sweet baby biceps. Let me show you them.

Love, Fluffy


Bailey said...

What a cutie!

Kate said...

He is adorable. Love the chubby biceps. I always enjoy popping in and reading your blog. My family is headed to city B at the end of April for an event at Friend's School. Can you recommend a downtown restaurant that might not be offended by loud 5 and 9 year olds?

Kate said...

I can't believe how grown up he is! He is terribly adorable!

Anonymous said...