It's not stalking if you've already met, right?

Dear Diary,

Why did I only just discover that if I don't run to Edwin the second he wakes up from a nap crying, that he will actually fall back asleep so that I can finish reading my magazine? Duh. I guess I was always so averse to letting my precious widdle widdle baby cry at all, ever. But now, I'll take a minute of crying if I can finish reading about how fat [insert actress] has become and how [insert another actress] lost the baby weight.

Also, we hosted a play date today. Just one little girl, the daughter of an old college friend (thanks, Facebook!) It went great, surprisingly. No dog mauling or other injuries. The gal was smitten with Edwin (natch) and she was really cute and pretty polite and there was only minimal shoving and yelling (on Edwin's part).

And in my ongoing quest to meet more people with kids, I was kind of stalking this couple a few blocks over. I knew they had a kid, they looked young and hip, but I didn't really know how to go about meeting them without looking like a total psychopath, staking out their house or something. But luckily, I ran into the mom when I was walking with Edwin, and she stopped to say hello. So now we are BEST FRIENDS. Kidding, we really only got as far as her giving me her number, which I thought I put into my phone but in my awkward fumbling managed to totally not put into my phone. So I left her a note in her mailbox with my email address. Is that weird?

SAA (Socially Awkward Always),