Also, he dances.

Dear Diary,

Since when is it OK to use "shrunk" as past tense? I have seen this like 3 times recently in the media AND they just said it on NPR. NPR! Is this one of those things that they decided was acceptable because everyone says it, like "irregardless"? Sloppy, America.

Edwin update: Since he has stopped nursing, his appetite for food is voracious. He points at the refrigerator and yells, like, hey you two, get me something out of that food box. I MEAN NOW! God help you if he spots the bag of goldfish crackers while you're trying to usher him out of the pantry. I mean seriously, we are having to keep our hands and feet out of the way during mealtime.

Also, he loves the kitties and gives them "hugs" (which, as you can see here, means lying completely on top of them until they a. start growling or b. take a swat or c. usually both).

He is very good at both following my instructions and willfully disobeying me. He loves to run around naked after his bath. He loves the game "pat Mama's cheeks" which really entails him slapping my face and then laughing hysterically. He loves when we sing songs to him. He loves Elmo. He loves shoes: the putting on and taking off of shoes, the acknowledgment of other peoples' shoes, the putting of shoes into various receptacles around the house (including a bathtub full of water), the sniffing of stinky shoes. He loves to watch the traffic report with me in the morning and makes car noises when he sees it. He understands everything we say. Well, everything we say to him. I hope to god he doesn't understand everything we say to each other, what with our completely inappropriate sense of humor and foul language.

He's our baby, and he's our little boy. Aaaaa, how can he be both?