More tea?

Dear Diary,

So, wow. Really not so much with the blogging recently. I need to get back on the stick! Let's see... Christmas was great: I roasted a duck, Edwin got lots of vehicles and discovered chocolate. My mom got him one of those advent calendars with a piece of chocolate for every day (wtf, she never got me one with chocolate. Mine just had little pictures and I actually got all excited to see what was behind each window. The hardships I endured as a child.)

My job sucks and is boring and although I long to find a freelancing gig so I can be at home, I find myself doing absolutely nothing to make this happen. I just don't know how to go about it, and I guess I'd rather complain about how much I hate going to the office. Is there a way to make money by complaining? Because I'd really clean up with that.

The BHE and I have fully settled into lameness. We've been enjoying quiet evenings at home with our herbal tea for quite some time now, and we finally found a product that seems as though it was created specifically for our lifestyle:

There was talk of us creating a whole Quiet Evening mail-order catalog selling teas, brit wit dvds, snuggies, and other products associated with the sedate lifestyle. But alas, it is trademarked.

And here's Ed, sittin' on the coffee table. Because that's how he rolls. (And because he was just so proud of himself once he figured out how to hoist himself up there, that I had to take a picture before I told him that no, we don't go around climbing on top of coffee tables willy-nilly. I mean, we don't, right?)