Dear Diary,

There is something somewhat depressing and anti-climactic about going to the gynecologist when you're not pregnant. Before I ever got pregnant, I never felt that way, of course. But I was there today, and seeing all the pregnant ladies getting all that attention and special treatment made me really miss those prenatal appointments. Once you've had your baby you're just another boring lady with a vadge. Didn't help that my doctor called me old and basically told me to hop to it if I want to have another baby.

I need to win the lottery first.



Kate said...

Isn't it true!? Going in for those appointments was so fun, now it's just back to ick and eyeing the other prego moms a little enviously.

Strizz said...

I'll trump that...got my tubes tied...got divorced...would love more kids...doubt it will happen...so I watch Youtube videos of babies laughing.

Anonymous said...