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Dear Diary,

Now that I've decided to start reading again, I'm trying to catch up on things that are soooooo 2007. Like TWILIGHT. When everyone was talking about how great and ridiculously addictive these books were, I was like, "No thanks, I'm 32." But ohmygod, totally great and ridiculously addictive. The BHE looked at me as I was finishing it up and said, "Really?" And I was all, "VAMPIRE FIGHT!!!" Can't wait to read the rest. I mean, come on: VAMPIRE/WEREWOLF FIGHT!!!

Then, I read "Tea Time for the Traditionally Built", the latest from Alexander McCall Smith's No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series (which was apparently also a series on HBO). I hadn't heard of this series, but the book was on a recommended reading shelf and looked charming (I'm a sucker for charming) so I got it. It was nice light reading. Just charming. That's really all I can think of to say. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of these, but the library is being a douche and says they have them when they indeed do not.

Next, Atonement. I never saw the movie because I wanted to read the book, so now I'm reading it so that I can finally watch the movie. Is that wrong? I love me some Kiera Knightly.

Oh my, this weekend Edwin is having his first sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house. This so that we can go out and see a friend's band play. The problem is, they aren't playing until 11. ELEVEN. There is little chance I will make it until then. We'll probably end up going to dinner at like 6 and calling it a night. Oh, how times change.

Here's a picture just for shits and giggles:



CaraBee said...

11 O'CLOCK??? What madness is this? Who stays up that late?

Funny to think that not so many years ago, we didn't even leave the house until 10. Sigh. How times have changed. Pretty soon we'll be regulars for the early bird special at Bob Evans with my AARP in-laws.

jenn said...

Yeah, anything past 10:00 is pretty much a deal-breaker for me these days. Book recommendation: have you read Olive Kittredge? I just finished it and loved it.

Nancy said...

I just clicked on your blog from next blog and scrolled down a bit til Twilight caught my eye. I laughed because I am 33 and read it, and yes, I liked it, alright! So, even though I like to think of myself as a War and Peace type of girl, I thought I'd let you in on another you-should-be-a-teenager-to-like-this-but-so-what-because-it-is-crazy-addictive. The first book is called The Hunger Games and the second is Catching Fire. Now isn't a bad time to read them either because the last one is about to come out so you won't have to be like me who stayed up all night reading them months ago and then had to say, "WHAT? The last one isn't even OUT?? I will never ever read these stupid young popular books again!!! . . . except for the stupid last one when it comes out."

Anonymous said...