Am literate, barely

Dear Diary,

I read a whole book! This is a huge accomplishment for me. My usual reading list consists of Perez Hilton, Vanity Fair, and the New Yorker, in that order of importance. I may say that I don't have time to read books, but that's not true. I do have time; but I spend that time watching TV.

So I went to the library (the library is so awesome, who knew?) and after much perusing chose On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan. I have read some of his other stuff (by "some" I mean just one other novel actually, Saturday, also a great read). It looked short and dramatic (kind of like me! ha.) I do recommend it. It's a very quick read-- I read it in its entirety during a bout of insomnia-- and a compelling story. A page-turner, even.

In other news, we had like 28 inches of snow here in City B on Friday/Saturday. Totally insane. Just way, way too much snow.



jenn said...

I agree, that's an excess of snow. But how precious is that photo of your little guy?!

Erin B. McGann said...

haha, you must be around the DC area. I'm referring to my apt as the Snow Prison. Really cute pic of your son. The snow looks higher than him!

Kate said...

good for you for reading a book! i recommend short story collections for new mothers. Alice Munro has a new collection out that I am dying to read. enjoy the snow! we are headed to baltimore for memorial day w/e to watch some lax. i seriously hope it is all gone by then. please arrange this, ok?

Anonymous said...