SNOWPOCALYPSE, ear infection

Dear Diary,

Edwin has an ear infection. His first ear infection! The other morning, I noticed some... really gross stuff in his ear. And he seemed like he had a cold, but I sent him to daycare anyway because I'm a selfish working mom. As expected, I got the call around 12:30 that he was ill. And I almost stopped to get candy from the vending machine because I was just about to do that when the sitter called, and I really wanted my chocolate. But I didn't! I'm not that selfish. I high-tailed it over to pick up my snotty, fussy, fevery man.

Went to the pediatrician today. And wow. Edwin sure doesn't like to be prodded or poked. AT ALL. He lost it when they took his temps, and they took it the easy way, under his arm. Then I had to hold him down while the doctor went at his ear with what looked like a crochet hook, trying to dig out all the crap so that he could get a good look in there. It was terrible. Oh, the red-faced screaming. And why do pediatricians make you feel like it's your fault that your 16-month old is being difficult during an exam? Dude, you're sticking a sharp thing in his EAR. His ear that hurts. And he only knows you as "that old dude who sticks me with sharp things".

So, his fever is gone today and he seems much better but now we have to figure out how to put drops in his ears twice a day for a week. Not to mention the antibiotic twice a day for 10 days. Which is sure to bring on the requisite diarrhea, with accompanying diaper rash. SO MUCH FUN CAN'T WAIT!!!

To end on a positive, I'm glad I got this taken care of today, because we here in City B are apparently in for the storm of the century starting tomorrow. People are totally freaking. But I'm just looking forward to a snow day with my dudes. We have milk and beer, so everyone's covered.



Kate said...

Yeah, isn't it awesome how clearing up something nasty gets you a treat of something ELSE nasty? Ugh.

Valerie said...

Ugh! Poor guy! One tip to avoid the diaper rash is to start using desetin or some barrier cream BEFORE it starts and use it every time you change his diaper, diarrhea or not. That way his skin is protected before anything even gets on it and it should prevent any diaper rash. I mean, if you know diarrhea is in the future, you wouldn't need to do it forever of course.

Hope you all survive the snow and hope he starts feeling better fast.

CaraBee said...

Sophie had three or four ear infections over the last year or so. They never brought out the crochet hook, though. Yikes!

I went to the store today, (I know, crazy, right?) and they had plenty of bread and milk, but they were out of bananas. Bananas? Is that the new blizzard staple?

Anonymous said...