Happy Pappy?

Dear Diary,

I am intrigued by the Happiness Project. You may not know this, but despite my beautiful son, supportive husband, ideal work schedule, and lack of fat genes, I'm not exactly a happy person. (I may have mentioned that pesky anxiety problem of mine, which I blame entirely.) For starters, I'm a terrible pessimist. For me, it's not so much that the glass is half empty; it's my worry that the glass will break when I pick it up and a shard will fly up and pierce my jugular, killing me instantly. I'd like to work on this. Having gratitude, appreciating life, having hobbies, and all that crap.

I'm not sure that I'm totally committed to starting a "happiness project" per se. But I would like to be happier, and maybe an organized project is the only way I can stick to it? Blah, I don't know. I think I'll start by eating some chocolate chips. But I'd probably just choke on them.