Golden Arches

Dear Diary,

There was a time when I thought I would never, EVER feed Edwin anything that I didn't make myself. I'd be reading Super Baby Food, stirring wheat germ into his plain organic yogurt and getting all twitchy worrying about when he became a toddler and people might offer him american cheese, french fries, and store-bought cookies (incidentally, three of my favorite foods). No, I vowed, my precious prince will eat nothing but homemade organic crap that I make myself like a sucker.

Then I woke up and realized that he's already eating all that crap at daycare and can maybe eat frozen pancakes instead of homemade (but only whole grain!) Then I really let loose and let him eat goldfish crackers. Then, tater tots. That slippery slope led right to... MCDONALD'S

"Now here's something I don't see every day."

"Let's give it a whirl..."

"You know Ma, this ain't so bad."

"What's in this thing? This is great."

"Ketchup, you say? Reconstituted onions and corn syrup? Sweet."

Full disclosure: the reason I got him McDonald's on this particular day is that I was the one who wanted McDonald's. And I thought eating it in front of him might have caused a PB&J on whole wheat to be thrown across the room. So, win win.


Lori said...

Now I want McDonalds!

Michelle said...

I used to wipe all the excess salt off of every french fry before giving it to my son when he was little. Now he's making up for it with the salt shaker :0(
He does eat a lot of apples and carrots. And he loves spinach and broccoli- so I can't complain :0)

Anonymous said...