For the record, he didn't hit that hard...

Dear Diary,

Lately when I pick Edwin up at daycare and say, "Are you ready to get your coat on and go home?" he shakes his head no no no. (This is something he started recently, the shaking his head no. It's usually in response to me asking if he wants to do something he does not want to do. But sometimes it's in response to the question, "Did you go poo poo?" when, in fact, it is obvious to everyone around that he did indeed go poo poo. But he hates getting his diaper changed, so it's not that he doesn't understand the difference between yes and no; it's that he's lying.) Anyway, it is cute when he does this at daycare, and it makes me happy because he likes it there so much, so I let him play while I chat with the daycare folks.

Today we went through the whole routine but I was rather anxious to get home because I really had to pee. And I really wanted a beer. So instead of letting him play forever, I picked him up in preparation to make our exit. He didn't like that idea so much.

And so he HIT ME.

In the face.

Now, granted he is only 16 months old (actually, not even). He doesn't understand how to deal with frustration and is just beginning to dabble with the tantrum. He will stomp his feet occasionally or have a cry while rolling around on the ground if I take away something particularly dangerous or mess-producing. But hitting? Is he going to be that kid who hits his mom, like the ones on Supernanny? My sweet little prince? Am I going to be that helpless mom who is all, "OK sweeeeeeeetie honey, precious angel... don't hit mama... OK, you can have another twinkie..." while my kid is running around the grocery store terrorizing everyone? Probably.



Kate said...

My 11-month old beats me almost daily.

jenn said...

Nah, they all pull that one at least once. My youngest actually head-butted me in the face once, hard enough to make me see stars. It's just scary how much strength they have so young, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

i am just impressed that he understands the word "poo-poo." We're still getting there with our 20-month old.


Anonymous said...

Thank u ;-) check out that emo boy style at this blog:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, my 15 month old has started this. I just put him down when he hits me. Give him a firm "no" and put him down immediately. It's a phase. They all go thru it.
good luck!

Anonymous said...