Dear Diary,

This holiday weekend was really great. There were chickens and llamas, meals shared, and toddler bonds forged in baby pools over juice boxes and ice cream bars.

(I love how Edwin looks like he is sucking in his gut. Gotta impress the ladies.)

A big thing with Edwin right now is "on" and "off". Very concerned with what is on and what is off, the turning on and off of things, remarking when something that was previously on is now off, and vice versa. This goes for appliances and lawn mowers, but also for articles of clothing and jewelry. (Much to my mother's alarm, he often points to her earrings and says, "Adden [Edwin] ON!" indicating that he would like to wear them.OMG boys don't wear earrings what are you doing to this child? She also bristles at his frequent use of the phrase "baboo bash" because boys don't take bubble baths. I suppose I shouldn't mention to her how he often selects my shoes in the morning...

Edwin has impeccable manners, and is becoming a very gracious host. If you were to come visit, he might say, "How lovely to see you. Won't you please sit down and make yourself at home?" I mean, that is what he says in his mind. The crude execution of this sentiment is to pull you over to his toys, yank down on your pants to make you sit down, point at your shoes and say, "Off."

He's so much fun, he's a total joy. He doesn't even throw tantrums! (Cue tantrum, preferably in Safeway checkout...)



Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, his hair just kills me. Babies with blonde and/or curly hair are my favorite.
He is sooo precious.
Glad your weekend was fun!

The Mermaid Cottage said...

Keep up the Adden stories...so much fun to read. Also...did you ever find his replacement sandals? Maybe you could find some cute earrings to go with the sandals!

Amy said...

I appreciate your PO very much the picture with the article. Continues to refuel!!

ROFO said...

lovely kid and lovely hens too :)


Anonymous said...


Odie Langley said...

He is certainly adorable and I can tell from your descriptions that he is the way he is because of all the love around him. I will enjoy following your adventures. I have one called "The Simple Life" at http://odielangley.blogspot.com and email is odie@qualityofficeequipmentinc.com
have an awesome day.