Dear Diary,

What is it with toddlers and making messes-- willfully, compulsively, even gleefully? It's just amazing. I'm no neat freak (at least, I never was before having Edwin). But I do have limited tolerance for chaos in my surroundings, whereas Edwin seems to court it. Books on a shelf? Pull those out! Stack of books? Knock those down! Pile of clean laundry? Fling that shit around the room! I see that you're trying to clean the kitchen floor. Wait while I pour my juice on it first. ON PURPOSE.

And then there are the mealtime messes. At what age does it become unpleasant to have one's hand/face/eating surface covered in some kind of food mess? Because Edwin isn't there yet. Well, he will demand that I clean off his hands if he gets pudding on them or something. But he doesn't yet have the sense to avoid getting the pudding on them in the first place. Like, don't stick your hand in the pudding cup, and then hold it up and say, "Mommy!!! Wipe my hand off!"

I know, I know. I should enjoy every precious moment of Edwin's childhood. And I do. I just wish childhood was a little tidier.



Odie Langley said...

Fluffy my friend I have the same situation with my two grandsons who are 2 & 4. My home is really quite orderly due to my sweet wife and when they come over we have a disaster to clean up after they leave. I really don't have much patience for that kind of stuff any more. Wish I did but I am afraid it just isn't there.

Kate said...

toddlerhood is just one big sticky mess! just keep one place in your home clean, even if it is your bathroom or closet. make it a toddler free zone.