Dear Diary,

We're hosting Christmas for the BHE's family. I talked a big game about how I would looooooove to have everyone at our house instead of travelling. "Yes, please just come and stay with us! I will cook a turkey and play Christmas carols on the piano and there will be cookies and mulled wine!" But now they have called my bluff and are actually coming.

I have never roasted a turkey. (Other, smaller birds, yes. But never a giant turkey. Just the thought of having to man-handle that thing is intimidating. Like that commercial a few years ago with the woman on the phone staring at the business end of a turkey and saying, "You put the what? In the what what?" That's me.) I don't really have adult things like a nice tablecloth or napkin holders or serving dishes. I mean, I have all that stuff. But I don't use it. Because we never really have family functions at our house. Until now!

I'm making it sound like it's this huge giant family when really, it's only the BHE's mom and his brother. But if you saw the size of our house compared with the size of our dogs you would also be alarmed. Add to that a Christmas tree and a room full of toddler toys (not to mention the actual toddler) and you've got a crowd.

I'd better start mulling the wine now.


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Odie Langley said...

Fluffy, take it one step at a time and plan out what you want to have and I am sure you will do just fine. If you don't have a roasting pan you can always use the oven bags that are big enough for a turkey and they work great.